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Funded Enable Kenya’s children to take part in education

A project from ELIMU - Bildung in Ostafrika e.V.
in Donyo Sabuk, Kenya

100 % of your donation will be spent on the project! If you want your donation to enable children and youths to participate in education, it will do so! That’s guaranteed!

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About this project

About us:
Elimu – Bildung in Ostafrika e. V. (Elimu - Education in East Africa, registered association) was founded in 2009 and intends to enhance the education system in Kenya and Tanzania. We want to cooperate with our on-site partners to improve the insufficient equipment of local schools and hence improve children’s chances in education. In contrast to German schools, Kenyan schools rely on school fees to pay for running expenses and teachers’ salaries. For our current project in Ol Donyo Sabuk, Kenya, we need your support.

School fees are the precondition to attend schools

For three years Elimu e. V. has been enabling 43 students of varying age to attend school. We paid their school fees of about 210 € (currently around $ 260) per year, so that they were able to attend St. Benedict Secondary School in the town of Ol Donyo Sabuk, which lies 2 hours north-east of Nairobi. Next year, there will be ten more students we want to support.
The costs for that project will be around 210 € per student, all in all around 2,100 €.
Do you want to support one of our students individually? We also offer the possibility of a personal sponsorship. Find out more about that topic on our website – Mach mit.

School uniforms and school material

Having descended from British colonial rule, the Kenyan school system still requires students to wear school uniforms. Only students wearing a school uniform may actually attend lessons. As the uniforms are not provided by the school, families are obliged to buy the uniforms themselves. Furthermore, books and other school material must also be bought by the families, which often exceeds their financial possibilities. With our financial support, ELIMU can make education affordable for these children.
The costs for this project amount to 500 € / around $ 612 (that is ten school uniforms including shoes for 50 € each).