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A project from Deutsche Stiftung Tinnitus und Hören Charité
in Berlin, Germany

The Foundation wishes to improve the underlying conditions for tinnitus research in Europe and to promote specific research projects. Our aims: Alleviate the suffering of those affected and realize prevention work.

G. Flöter
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About this project

Project: Tinnitus research
The exact causes of tinnitus are not yet clearly understood. Therefore, the Foundation is committed to improving the framework conditions for tinnitus research and providing financial resources for research projects. The scientific advisory board reviews the respective project applications and makes the decisions. 

Through its own funds, donations and cooperation with partners, the  Foundation Tinnitus and Hearing  Charité has so far been able to provide a total of more than 600,000 euros for research projects.  The focal points of the research projects are:
  • Research into the connection between tinnitus, hearing loss and dementia
  • Research into the connection between tinnitus and stress as well as other comorbidities such as depression, anxiety and hyperacusis.

The Foundation has also successfully hosted two World Congresses on Tinnitus and Hearing Disorders Research in 2014 and 2018. Every year in December, the International Tinnitus Symposium takes place, and one item on the programme is the awarding of the  Research Prize Tinnitus & Hearing.

Together with our partners from EUTINNET - the European network of tinnitus self-help groups - we are currently developing a joint European online communication platform including a multilingual online tinnitus test.

Your donations will be used where they are most urgently needed for the continuation of one of our research projects. If you would like to donate to a specific research project, please see the needs listed below.

Further information on the individual projects can be found here