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Syria: Help for children in need - SOS Children's Villages

A project from SOS-Kinderdörfer weltweit
in Aleppo, Syrian Arab Republic

Civil war in Syria: Millions of children are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance – both in Syria and on their journey to refuge. SOS Children’s Villages support them with food, clothing,medical and psychological care. Please help us help them!

S. Spaleck
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About this project

The war in Syria has, for six years running, continued to threaten the security and the lives of millions of children. More than four million Syrians have had to seek refuge in countries other than their own. Children and families are trying to escape the war, violence, hunger and the hopelessness facing them daily. After all the stresses and strain endured on their journeys, they land at the EU border, where the lives of refugees are exceedingly hectic.
SOS Children’s Villages offer various forms of assistance to the families and unaccompanied children on their journey:

  • Protection and security in their self-made refugee shelters
  • Shelter and care for unaccompanied children
  • Medical care
  • Food
  • Hygiene products – particularly nappies, mobile toilets and sanitary products for women
  • Clothes, shoes and blankets
A countless number of families continue to throng the overcrowded emergency centers in Syria. To assist them, SOS Children’s Villages offer emergency relief on the ground. Children are the ones mostly affected. They are forced to bear witness to how their surroundings, their families, their homes as well as their schools are destroyed by bombs. They are made homeless, they are critically injured and they lose friends and family members. These children need your help.
We at SOS Children’s Villages do not leave the people of Syria to their fate, we care for them by providing:

  • Groceries and foodstuffs, Baby food, nappies and children’s clothing
  • Medication, sanitary products and mattresses for families in distress
  • SOS-Helpers offer psychological help to traumatized children
  • Daily, 200 children find refuge in the SOS-Emergency-Kindergarten in Damascus
  • SOS Children’s Villages assist the children with backpacks, notepads, pens, pencils, books as well as with their school fees. Thanks to this service, the children finally get the opportunity to learn again – a crucial sign of hope in the midst of war

Please help the children and families forced to escape war and hunger – every donation counts. Thank you!

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