Blocked No child should miss a meal!

An aid project by “KinderReich Leipzig e.V.” (M. Witte) in Leipzig, Germany

M. Witte (Project Manager)

M. Witte
Child poverty is no longer a “minor” problem in Leipzig –over 8,000 children are affected by it and the trend is growing. There are actually many children who, because of their parents’ social or financial situation, go to school with an empty stomach or whose parents cannot afford to buy school lunches. Moreover, many children do not have the books and materials required by the school because their families lack the funds for those, too. But having regular meals and being able to use the right teaching materials is a prerequisite for giving all children equal rights to education and equal opportunities in school.

We are looking for people willing to assist us in sponsoring individual children. This could be done by donating the money for school lunches, teaching materials or leisure time activities. In addition, we are collecting material donations for needy children in our city.
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Location: Leipzig, Germany

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