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Closed The Digital Library Project

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The Digital Library Project is a grassroots community outreach project aimed to mobilize, advocate, and educate vulnerable persons, given them the required knowledge in computer; hardware, software and access to internet.

Dinga F. from Living Green CameroonWrite a message

Welcome to Living Green Cameroon 2015. (The Digital Library Project)

The Digital Library Project is a grassroots community outreach project aimed to mobilize, advocate, and educate vulnerable persons, giving them the required knowledge in computer hardware and software. These vulnerable persons are people who are being neglected, ignored, mistreated and violated in their very own communities, homes and even in schools making them feel unwanted. They include; children, women, youths with disabilities and youths living with HIV.

The set project will therefore become a platform for them to be able to express themselves, the project will give them hope, and most importantly they will be thought a trade that will also help them get a job after completion. The Project will also offer them a perfect learning environment to learn, access free internet, research information and communicate with their peers. Reading software will be installed in the computers to help them to also be able to learn individually, and by the end of the program each beneficiaries will be able to use a computer, browse the internet, communicate with their peers through email, improve their reading and learning skills, and also become comfortable in their society.

Beneficiaries will be handed a Certificate/Recommendation letter approved by the Ministry of Social Affairs. The Project will be lunch in Douala-Cameroon and will cover the City of Douala (Littoral region), and the city of Kumba (South west region). The Digital Library project is schedule to kick off on the 02 of February 2015 and end on the 02 of February 2016 (Project end date maybe extended). The project success will be determined via monitoring and evaluation.

Living Green Cameroon is made up of youths who come from those affected communities and are therefore habituated with those ills affecting their communities. Living Green Cameroon will provide will provide a platform where these targeted population will be able to unlock their potential in the computer domain and other affiliated areas.

Not just in our ability to realize this project but Living Green Cameroon is asking you to believe in yours. Together we are stronger and without your support we can not be able to attain our Goals.

Living Green Cameroon is calling on your moral and financial assistance.

Thank you all
Living Green Cameroon

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