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Switch - in 4 days around the world!

A project from Kulturbrücke Hamburg e. V.
in Hamburg, Germany

Adventure lives next door. You just have to knock! The principle is simple: 4 children from 4 continents to visit eachother and get more openess and multicultural tolerance.

H. Pourkian
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Switch -The free trip “in 4 days around the world” for kids in their own hometown Children and youths from 186 nations live in Hamburg and Lübeck. 80,000 of them are school pupils between the ages of 8 and 14. 84% are children of German heritage and ca. 16% are children with an ethnic minority background or non-German origin. This presents us with such a marvellous opportunity to learn about other lifestyles, customs and traditions. Adventure lives next door. You just have to knock! In summary, the principle is: 4 children from 4 continents, 4 days for children between the ages of 8 to 14: each team will consist of four families. Each of the four families should come from a different continent, if practicable (Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Europe). All 4 children in the team will spend the day with each of the team families from a different national and continental origin. On one of the four days, the child will spend the day with his own family so that he can present his way of life to the other three children. As far as possible, each group will be comprised of two boys and two girls. The participating children and parents can freely coordinate the day agenda with the guest children. The goal of the trip is, however, to show as much of the home country as possible to the visitors in a relatively short time of 6-8 hours. Therefore, the participating families will receive a checklist along with their informational materials pertaining to ideas for activities on the visit day (e.g. cook a traditional meal together, look at photographs, sing songs from the home country, etc.). In order to hold on to the experiences and impressions of the children, each participating child will receive a Switch diary with partially pre-worded questions and pre-designed pages for them to write and draw pictures in. At the closing party, the best three diaries will receive an award. The first prize will be a real trip to one of the exchange countries. At the moment we are intensively trying to find children especially from Africa, Asia, North and South America and South and East Europe. All Switch-weeks will be in summer and winter vacations. The application form can be downloaded from this website.

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