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15 € per month for partnership with (almost) forgotten children in Bosnia

A project from AWO Gottmadingen
in Sarajewo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Students work voluntary as mentors for children with problematic social background. Studenst enable themselves with better qualification for further sucess in job.

Ulrike Blatter
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About this project

The project connects children, 7-14 years old, with volunteers, students of the University of Sarajevo. Through socializing, the child develops a trusting relationship with the volunteer, who represents a positive role model to her/him and guides her/his acceptance of socially acceptable behaviours, moral and cultural values. Children prefer going to the movies, for walks, to a pastry shop. Particular satisfactions to them are joint excursions and workshops, in which friendships with other younger brothers and sisters are formed. During their work, the volunteers are supervised and supported by professionals from the organizations which select the children for the project: the Cantonal Centre for Social Work Sarajevo and the Home for Children without Parental Care.

About 600 children in B&H since 2004 got an “older sister or brother”, who supported them in becoming a person who realizes her/his human potentials.