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Funded Help for schools to provide education for the poorest childs in Tanzania!

Kidatu, Tanzania

Help that schools in Tanzania to provide appropriate education for poor children and orphants. All help and aid is necessary to solve the many challenges they have. Support us today!

Petra B. from p(e)d-world e.V. | 
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About this project

The area where we run our three different projects in the eastern part of Tanzania. On two projects we are focussed on education because a lot of people do not have enough money to pay for the school costs. To ensure education for all kids, a lot of engaged teachers are foing founding small Schools where they are teaching then for free. This is also a good opportunity for orphants and other unprevilaged childrento get education and also some food per day. Especially the food and income situation for the children and their families is extremely bad.

So, beside improved education we decided to work also on the fight against poverty. For that we set up our third porject, the very successful "Give a goat" activity. Overall we want to reach out the following goals:
- consciousness and acceptance between industrial and developing countries
- learning English to facilitate global communication and international
- support necessary acquirements to ensure a proper education in school
- help for poor families to ensure better income and longtherm sustainable nutrition

The Forest Zone School project (de) was the first one where we invested in. Two teachers started that School some years ago to help the poorest childs in Mang´uls. For that project we have a School Cooperation between the Würmtalschule in Germany and a the School in Mang'ula, Tanzania. In October 2012 the official Cooperation was signed by both Schools. The goals of the project is to teach the children in both countries between 5 and 20 years of age the importance of: Buildup longtherm contacts, intercultural exchange between the students, examination of own and different ways of life. Longtherm goal is to initiate them for global engagement.

The second School started just 2 years ago. The St. Justine´s Preparatory and Primary School (en/de) is located in Kidatu. The headteacher Jema and his 4 volunteering teachers are working hard to help the little kids and orphants every day. They try to ensure food for all and teach different classes and agens in just two rented houses. This is a very new project for us and to help the we gave the first 10 goats to start working together. We can now see which of the two goat fundings are runnig better as the Forest Zone School has 28 goat at the moment.

The third project is the Give a goat activity. The way to run that is that donators pay once to get sponsor of a Tanzanian goat. We buy a goat in Tanzania and hand it over with a breeding commitment letter to poor families. So they can then start a breeding them to get over the time better income.

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