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Youth on the world

A project from Vepik e.V:
in Bafoussam, Cameroon

Youth on the world (short: YOW) is an intercultural, participatory project between youths of Bremen and Bafoussam/Cameroon. Our goals are mutual approach and enrichment - a globalisation of understanding.

I. Blumberg
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About this project

We are a group of students from Bremen, Germany, who exchange since june 2014 with students from Cameroon about politics, society and our vision of the future. This binational project called “Youth on the world” is a Vepik e.V. project , in cooperation with schools in Bremen and Cameroon.
In Germany we are actually 10 participants working self-responsibly and supported by Anna Heidrun Schmitt and Isabel Blumberg from Vepik e.V. Former students of the project support us in our activities and make the project sustainably. Highlight of our work shall be the mutual journeys to Cameroon and Bremen. In Cameroon, the group works the same way and consists of around 35 participants.
Our project runs successfully since 2006 and is actually in its 7th phase. Our topic this year is “to live in accordance with”.
Our goals are to abolish prejudices, learn with and from each other and to shape together a better future. We want togetherness, based on love, peace and mutual respect – respect also towards differences and individual lifestyles.
One project phase lasts around 15 months. During this time we participate in monthly 2-day workshops, meet weekly and plan our activities. At the same time, we exchange via eMail with our Cameroonian partners on different topics.
We all are searching for funds, i.e. through self-organized activities, like a solidarity concert in Bremen or by selling cake on markets.
The mutual journeys are foreseen for summer 2015.
These personal encounters are very important to us – we want to continue and deepen the contact to our Cameroonian partners, work together on-site and present our findings to a broader public (i.e. via an individual designed product and an intercultural festival with creative presentations.)
Your support means a lot to us and brings us a crucial step forwards to the successful continuation of our project.