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Funded Days of Joy - Recovery from War

A project from SEKA Hamburg e.V. / Projekt SEKA
in Neum (an der Adria), Bosnia and Herzegovina

Therapeutic recreation for war-traumatised children from East-Bosnia - together with their mothers - at the seaside.

G. Mueller
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About this project

SEKA is Women's Peace Project in East Bosnia and a Center for therapy, education and recreation. After 10 years of work on the Adriatic Island of Brac the project moved to the town of Gorazde in Bosnia and Herzegowina in September 2007.
The project is supported and mainly funded by German Women's Organisation SEKA Hamburg e.V.

Even 16 years after the end of war through the Dayton-agreement the population in Bosnia and Herzegowina still suffers from the psychological and social consequences of war.
The population of the town of Gorazde is severely war traumatized - people suffered from almost four years lasting siege, shelling, and hunger.
Since September 2007 project SEKA offers (trauma)therapeutic and psycho-educative help for women and children in individual and group work.
Every summer the project organizes therapeutic recreation at the seaside for traumatized women and children.
In June 2012 we again would like to invite a group of 20 traumatized women and children for therapeutic recreation in Neum at the Adriatic Sea.
During 12 days four therapists will give psychological-pedagogique assistance to the children and their mothers in separated group-work and through individual talks. Besides this, of course, women and children will enjoy the sea, the beach and further activities the colleagues will offer them.
Through these "days of joy" women and children will - at least to some extent - overcome their painful experiences and regain self-esteem, trust and joy of life. After returning to their home town Gorazde, Project SEKA will offer them further support, if necessary.

The project is financed entirely by donations: For 20 women and children we need 16.800,- € for 12 days. As being more and more difficult to find the donations for this kind of project, we are grateful for your help!