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Funded Support the new building of an AIDS Orphanage in Tanzania

A project from a different life e.V.
in Moshi, Tanzania

"a different life e.V." raises money for the new building of the "Kilimanjaro Orphanage Centre" in Moshi, Tanzania. In 2015, 100 orphans will be able to move into their new home. Donate money for bunk beds, bed sheets & pillows, lockers and tables!

Natalie S.
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About this project

Manka is a 4 year old girl from Tanzania. Like millions of other kids in Tanzania, Manka is an orphan - her parents died because of AIDS. Manka almost died herself before she was brought to the orphanage. Her grandmother in her home village didn't have enough money to buy her medicine or nutritious food. Manka doesn't only get those things in the orphanage, she also has a new family who is taking care of her. Organizations like this don't only put smiles on faces, they save lives in emergency situations.

The Kilimanjaro Orphanage Centre (KOC) in Moshi, Tanzania is the home of more than 60 children. They have to reject requests over and over because the capacity of the orphanage is more than exhausted. Most of the kids share their beds with one or two others. Since the number of orphans in Tanzania will continue to rise due to the AIDS epidemic, the KOC is planning a new building for summer 2015. The new building will be a home for 100 children: every 2-18 year old child will have his own bed, more space and bigger rooms to play games or to do homework and study.

Natalie and Philipp, the founders of "a different life e.V.", spent 6 weeks this past summer in the orphanage. They played games & soccer with the kids, helped with homework, cooked, cleaned, did laundry, were involved in tickle fights, dried up tears and built paper planes. They spent all day in the orphanage - sometimes even 7 days a week. The kids see this place as home - a very nice home if you compare the KOC to other orphanages in the region. They teach the right values. Education is the priority and it's very well supported and rewarded. There is always a social worker present to help with problems. All day long - even in the night time - there are two matrons or so-called "moms" who take care of the children.

It's very inspiring to see the work of the people at the KOC. They give more than 60 orphans a life that they couldn't have even imagined before they came to the orphanage: A place to sleep, enough food, books to read and toys to play with.

Natalie and Philipp experienced the arrival of a new child to the KOC. Deo, a 6 year old boy, was very shy and quiet in the beginning. But within weeks, he didn't only have many new friends, he also had tons of new siblings. "a different life e.V." wants to support the KOC so that they can welcome even more orphans and give them a better life - free of worries what the next day might bring and if they will have food to eat.

You can support the new building of the AIDS orphanage and support the lives of orphans in Tanzania. Donate bunk beds for the children, bed sheets with blankets and pillows, shelves with lockers, tables or just a few Euros to help us reach our goal!