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Closed Sanitary towels for pastoralist girls in Northern Kenya

This program will focus on enhancing opportunities for girls’ enrollment, retention and completion in primary schools in pastoralist communities of Northern Kenya

Dida A. from Strategies for Northern Development-SNDWrite a message

In northern Kenya, opportunities to access quality education in schools are limited and in many communities, the support for girls’ education is very low compared to boys’. As a result, a large number of girls are out of school. Even for those in school, they are at a higher risk of dropping out. One in every ten girls often misses four days of school a month due to lack of access to feminine hygiene products. Regular absences from school can lead to gender imbalances with the male students attending up to 15% more classes than the female students and rising higher in the class rankings. The gender disparity and routine absences often lead to female students falling behind or dropping out of school entirely. The effect of retrogressive cultural practices practiced over the years among them female genital mutilation and early forced marriages have had a very negative effect on the development of girl child in this community.This program will focus on enhancing opportunities for girls’ enrollment, retention and completion in primary schools.

What we need:

In order to get the project underway SND needs to raise $10,000 to cover expenses including: pads and panties for the 4500 girls who will be using the sanitary products.
These pads will be distributed to the girls in 20 public primary schools in Marsabit and Wajir Counties in Northern Kenya namely respectively; Each girl will be provided with three pairs of panties, five pads, and a small bag to carry them.

The Impact

Lack of access to basic feminine hygiene products is holding female students back in school, and in life. With a 100% tax deductible donation, you can not only significantly improve the quality of life for hundreds of young women in northern Kenya, but also help to address gender imbalances and female empowerment throughout the region.