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Funded Global Brigades Germany – Improving the Levels of Hygiene in Nicaragua

13 Students from the University of Muenster and Aachen have joined together for “Global Brigades” to improve the level of hygiene in Nicaragua. By building latrines, water tanks and cemented floors they will reduce the causes for infectious diseases.

F. Schmitt from Global Brigades Germany e. V.Write a message

The village “Valle El Naranjo” is located in the north of Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Almost 50% of the 750 villagers live beneath the poverty line and have limited access to medical care and public sanitation.
Volunteers of the world wide largest student lead non-governmental organization “Global Brigades” evaluated during so called “Medical Brigades” that a significant amount of the local inhabitants is suffering from respiratory disorders, Chagas and other infectious diseases.
But we want to change this: 13 students from the University of Muenster and Aachen have joined together to fight the cause of these diseases hand in hand with the locals in a thoroughly planned “Public Health Brigade”. We will improve the level of hygiene by building latrines, water tanks, showers and by cementing floors. Most importantly, sustainability of this project is assured via educating the local inhabitants and by hiring locals. The hired locals have been trained in public health and health care and will take care of the completed projects in the community, especially between brigades.
But in order to achieve this goal, we have to complete our first step: we have to fundraise 750€ of project costs per person for the 13 volunteers. And this is exactly, where you can help us!

The costs for the project include:
• Locally acquired construction material
• Safe accommodation and food for the students
• Sustainability of the program (maintenance and extension of the projects between the brigades with reserve funds)
• Wages for the local interpreters, coordinators and Global Brigades Team
• Education for local inhabitants (for instance, masons)
• Local transportation

For a total of 9750€ the 13 of us will be able to join and actively shape Global Brigade’s concept “students empowering communities and communities empowering students”. It is very important for us to take part in the intercultural exchange by the organization with the local inhabitants as they barely have the possibility of getting to know the world outside their village. When we return, we will be shaped by these formative experiences and we will be able to tell more people about the necessity of development work, even motivate them to participate. It’s like they say: “Come! Because if you don’t come, you don’t understand and if you don’t understand, you can’t help!”