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Funded Schools for Africa

Landesweit, Rwanda

As part of the campaign “Schools for Africa”, UNICEF is helping to build child-friendly model schools in Rwanda. In this way, thousands of children finally get the chance to learn. For further information please see: www.schulenfü

K. Telesio from UNICEF | 
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About this project

As part of the initiative “Schools for Africa”, UNICEF helps ​​to build child-friendly model schools in Rwanda. In this way, thousands of children finally get the chance to learn. 
In Rwanda, 400,000 children still do not go to school; especially orphans and girls are disadvantaged. You can help UNICEF to make sure that every child gets a place in school. 
You donate paticularly dedicated to the programme in Rwanda, which is part of the successful "Schools for Africa" ​​campaign. With programmes in 13 countries, UNICEF ensures that all children go to school and complete it successfully. Basic education gives a child the chance for a better life. 
"Schools for Africa" ​​– help UNICEF to give a brighter future to children in Rwanda. UNICEF is grateful for your donation in the following areas:
Constructing schools
UNICEF helps to repair damaged classrooms or builds new ones. 
Providing Drinking Water and Improving Sanitation
UNICEF provides safe drinking water and adequate sanitation facilities in schools. UNICEF protects children from diseases and communicates hygiene rules e.g. regular handwashing. 
Providing School Supplies 
UNICEF provides books, exercise books and other basic school supplies to students and teachers. For the classrooms, UNICEF provides benches, tables and boards. 
Training Teachers
UNICEF trains teachers to better educate children. School leaders receive help to successfully organize the school management. 
Promoting Health
In many schools UNICEF promotes regular medical examinations and vaccinations. Education helps to protect children from diseases such as HIV/AIDS.
Supporting Disadvantaged Children 
UNICEF also helps to strengthen solidarity among students, for example in student clubs for orphans and other disadvantaged children. 
The relief items and requirements listed below are examples of the help needed.
Updated at 18. March 2020

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