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Media Champs save the polar and go solar!

A project from Stiftung Partnerschaft mit Afrika e.V.
in Bremen, Germany

The German-African Media Camp will train 40 High School students from seven countries in diverse media skills. Support our Media Champs to be awarded with solar backpacks to charge smartphones&co. environmentally friendly.

J. Hilbig
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About this project

The Partnership with Africa Foundation e.V. will bring together 40 High School students from Germany and partnering African countries (Cameroon, DRC, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria and Tanzania) for a 10-day Media Camp in Bremen! For one week five teams will work together on German-African and global issues. During their workshops they will look behind the scenes of media production - in front and behind the camera, live on air, doing animation work and post production.
Most German-African Media Champs lack the neccessary battery on their mobile devices to access digital media all the time and from everywhere. Solar energy offers a great opportunity to charge your battery mobile and environmentally friendly. The integration of solar panels in the school backpack is a unique innovation, which will inspire youth to use renewable energy on a small-scale level. Our Media Champs would become Solar Ambassadors in their schools and home regions.
We would like the German-African Media Camp to be a longlasting success, which provides the participating youth with the tools to use digital media and sustain global friendships through social networks. With the solar backpacks the 40 Media Champs would be able to charge their smartphone through solar energy on their way to school. The backpack will be packed with all school material. Of course, a small dictionary should not be missing to overcome language barriers between German and African friends quickly and offline.
Get to know the High School students from different African countries and Germany on our Challenge Blog: