Funded Melilla-Project-Eu Border and Refugeerights

An aid project by M. Idrizi in Melilla, Morocco

M. Idrizi (Project Manager)

M. Idrizi
In Order to a class in political science of the University of Education Ludwigsburg in Germany i have to write a term paper on the subject "Migration and Refugee rights"

I made the decision to visit the spanish exclave Melilla on the marrocian mainland, in which violant of human and refugee rights are practiced!

In Cooperation with the well-known Human Rights Organisation Pro Asyl and the NGO "Prodein" in Melilla i want to visit Melilla for two weeks in January to write my term paper!

All i need for that is a donation to pay my transporation about the amount of 300 Euro- till January!

Board and loging is offered by the Ngo "Prodein"

More information:

Location: Melilla, Morocco

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  • Uploaded at 01-11-2009