School education for slum children in Guatemala-Ci

An aid project by “Camino Seguro/ Safe Passage” (C. Oppen) in Guatemala-Stadt, Guatemala

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C. Oppen (Project Manager)

C. Oppen
Camino Seguro / Safe Passage is taking care for children who grow up on the garbage dumps in one of the most unsafe quarters of the capital of Guatemala. Living in self-erected huts life is extremely difficult fort he people there. Day after day the digg through the garbage dumps looking for recyclable materials to sell. Camino Seguro wants to create an alternative for the dangerous life of children from the dumps which is affected by extrem poverty, drug abuse, crime and violence.

A broad school education ist he key for the improvement of the life situation. A regular visit of the school shall enable to improve the life in an independent way. Furthermore Camino Seguro gives the children a hide away from the hard reality so that they can the support to develop their social and physical skills.

Around 1000 children around the dump, 600 find a place in the project. They get food and (mostly as the first person of the family) school education. After school they are looked after by local teaching staff and volunteers. They can do their homework, play and have sport activities. Additionally the children get medical and social care. Although the children drop out of work the project is widely accepted by the families. To create another appeal for the families Camino Seguro is giving food packages to families of children who visiting the school fulltime.
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Location: Guatemala-Stadt, Guatemala

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