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Lilongwe, Malawi

One Dollar Glasses, help for 150 million people who need glasses, but can't afford them. Martin Aufmuth, inventor and founder of the OneDollarGlasses association.

Chiara Adam from EinDollarBrille e. V.
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The problem:

150 million people around the globe need glasses but still don’t own a pair – they either can’t afford them or there are no opticians on site. The resulting worldwide income loss adds up to about 120 billion US Dollar. Adults can‘t work, children can’t learn.

How do we help?

Our solution are the OneDollarGlasses, which were developed by the founder Martin Aufmuth to provide a basic optical care in developing countries around the world. We educate opticians and manufacturers in the project countries, who sell the glasses for 2-3 daily wages to their countrymen. The sales revenue shall cover the running costs for material, wages and transport in the meduim to long term and thus the  long-term financing of the project is secured. At the same time new jobs are created in the area.

People in Africa, Asia and South America have already benefited from this concept.

To achieve our goal of a full coverage of basic optical care we need your support!

Help to make OneDollarGlasses and this project a resounding sucess by sharing this betterplace page with your family, colleagues and friends. 
Support the people who can’t afford glasses with your donation, so they can get a clear perspective!

Thank you!

About us:

OneDollarGlasses was founded in 2012. The aim oft he association is to establish a basic infrastructure to provide independent vision care for people in developing countries. We can offer robust, locally produced and enexpensive glasses. Currently 200 mostly unsalaried volunteers work for the association in Germany. In eight project countries, about 100 people are also active fort he organization. ODG is member oft he International Agency for Prevention of Blindness (IAPB).

Check out further informatoin in our annual report: