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Safe the public health with textilhygine monitoring !

Neuss, Germany

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G. Abshof from Textile Hygiene Monitoring Society
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The VR in the register Neuss in 2785 recognized as charitable, registered association has made the protection of public health in the field of textile hygiene task.
In times of rapid spread of the Ebola virus, it must be clear to everyone that it is quite possible who can be left behind by everyone in mattresses and cushions with a variety of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The use of these textiles by more than one person increases the risk of pathogen transmission rapidly.

The THÜV calls for disinfection of all textiles after use by persons in the public for the protection of all persons.

Just as the spreading of pathogens can be avoided and decimated.

In particular, even daycare centers, hostels, guest houses and hotel ships are mattresses and carpets in hotels but classified as foci of infection.

In all mattresses are proteases from the excrement of the mites, which can weaken our immune system to such an extent that we lose the protection against all kinds of diseases (allergies).
These run usually chronic, change our genes, so that the following generations with these diseases can be born already.

This can only protect to protect against infections consumer health disinfection of textiles after each use of constantly changing individuals.

The THÜV works for a textile hygiene regulation for safety of all that needs to be enshrined in law by our politicians.

All operators of public use textiles whether in the sleeping car, floating hotel, or hotels and kindergartens should be required to carry out the protection of the health of all users.

Freshly washed linens is not sufficient if a mattress full of allergens, viruses, bacteria and fungal spores that can be taken by the user during sleep.

The infestation of bed bugs must be due to the rapid spread and the health risk of all are reported.

The THÜV checked annually and certified textile hygienic operations for the protection and guidance of consumers ..