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Help us to finish the orphan’s house

A project from Hilfe für Sisyphos e.V
in Tororo (Pomede), Uganda

Support the orphan‘s club in Pomede (Uganda) led by Margaret Boogere. Let the children get a new sleeping house and school. The Organization takes care for neede people in the community, especially the orphans and widows.

S. Wehrle
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About this project

The orphan’s club in Pomede is building a new house for the orphans. The building reached already a certain level.
The orphan’s club is a private organization. It’s supports people in the community, mainly orphans and widows in the villages around. The founder of this project is Margaret Boogere. She is a mother of several children and works as a teacher.
Last summer the house-project took another big step. Finally the container from Germany arrived. It was filled with building material for the roof, as well as with windows and doors.
In a very short time the roof was in its place, and also the windows and outside doors were fixed.
But until the day of using the building, there are some more needs. Please read more by following the link to the different needs.
Please help to provide the orphans in Pomede with a good house for sleeping and a passable school. Many small and older children are waiting eagerly for their new home and for the possibility of a proper education.