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Charitable and social Böhmetal light railway

A project from Boehmetalbahn gUG (Haftungsbeschränkt)
in Walsrode, Germany

Museum Field track in 600 mm Hand car and transport of agricultural products, amateur Schaffner training from 10 Years old, for young people as an introduction and Older as an exit from working life, opportunity for Hartz IV recipients.

C. Recht
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About this project

The Boehmetalbahn gUG (Haftungsbeschränkt) is recognized as a Non-Profit Organization by the tax office that builds a Museum Field track in 600 mm track gauge in the city Walsrode between the villages Hollige, Altenboitzen and Böhme and operates. Besides Handcars operate historic trains on the track. In the trains boats are (River "Böhme" runs parallel to the train) upstream and carry bicycles. Products from the immediate area, such as the farm shop of the historic train station Hollige. But the museum field railway to transport not only people but also the traditional field of activity cover: freight. There are already promising contacts with the inhabitants of the villages involved. From the generated in the villages or the city itself products that are delivered to a station to be transported to the next station on recyclable products to agricultural products or grass clippings as animal feed. The Museum Feldbahn should be involved in the events of the villages involved or the city.
In the long term should be managed in collaboration with farmers along the route with historic farm implements from the 50s a potato field and a corn field. Seed and harvest are transported to the Museum Field track. The potatoes are available in the farm's shop and harvested the grain with a self-tie, threshed in the threshing machine, fed the grain for the fowls and the straw used as bedding. The small station Hollige has the last original surviving corrugated iron railway station in Germany, located on an operational railway line. Next to the station an official residence is available, in the long term for a limited period, a railway official 'lives, whose task it is also the garden along with small animals next to the museum railway operations - as yet in the 50s - to manage. In the forward to this offer are currently already kept chickens, geese, ducks and rabbits and cultured, as during the regular railway operation. The Museum is a historic narrow-gauge railway diesel locomotives, which will henceforth be operated with waste oils from restaurants. So then comes the fuel from agriculture.
The construction and maintenance is done by people seeking employment in the region that are doing well trained. This gives you better chances on the labor market. Through the operation of the web 10 year old pupils are brought to the railway system. By volunteering at the museum box train an insight is conveyed in the professional life that the students opened better opportunities in entering an apprenticeship. With an amateur conductor training career, which can then lead to the engine driver starts. With the engine driver training is possible a train driver training for the private railway companies to complete successfully. For those who - partly on grounds of age - at the Great Railroad terms of force no longer can actively contribute / participate, we still have to old age the opportunity to actively participate in working life. Homepage: