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Residence, Nutrition, Health Care and Education for disadvantaged children

A project from HOPAD Child and Women Promotion Society
in Lalitpur, Nepal

The HOPAD Children's House is home to the helpless, orphaned, poor, affected and dalit children of Nepal. It is Close to Patan in the district of Lalitpur. The children recieve a Quality education as well as Nutrition and health care.

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About this project

Located in the quiet Sainbu -3, Lalitpur, Kathmandu, the HOPAD Children's House is home to the helpless, orphaned, poor, affected, and dalit children of Nepal. Children living at the HOPAD Children's House range in age from newborns to young adults. The HOPAD Children's House acts a safe place where the children can receive nutritious food, good health care, a quality education, and a loving family Environment - as well as a monthly health check.

The HOPAD Children’s Home recently celebrated its eighth year serving the helpless, orphaned, poor, affected, and Dalit children of Nepal. Over those eight years, HOPAD has overcome many trials and tribulations along the road that has lead us to the ever stabilizing living situation we are currently in. Through much adversity, mainly due to financial and governmental instability, HOPAD is continuously learning all the necessities required to support our children and further better their lives.

The children recieve a good education at the Eris Academy, a local private School. They live together as a big family, so the older ones are also responsible for the younger ones. They can also do sports - many of the children are successful at Judo. They also have the opportunity to celebrate the most important Hindu Festivals, which means a lot to them.

The HOPAD Children’s Home is currently residing on the outskirts of Lalitpur in the district of Sainbu-3. After changing locations twice, the HOPAD children are finally in a home they can call their own. Although the house is still under construction, the children are in a place that is just for them. When complete, the home will be four stories with the capacity to house twenty-five children and upwards of five international volunteers. The first three floors are currently complete, leaving only the fourth floor volunteer quarters remaining.
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