Blocked Make Joy Centre to become self sustainable!

An aid project by g. hjfglygl in Kitale, Kenya

g. hjfglygl (Project Manager)

g. hjfglygl
Our orphanage is divided into three different centers, which are Joy Centre, Hope Centre and Rafiki Centre.
Joy Centre has a big garden where we decided to start keeping animals.
We are building a house for chicken and we would like to keep goats and/or cows to have milk for the children. We decided to start small, buying some chicken and with the income from the eggs of the chicken to buy goats or cows. We started building the house with the help of the oldest boys of the orphanage. They have almost finished to build the house and we are looking forward to host the first chicken.
The children would benefit drinking milk and eating eggs, while the additional production could be sold to buy other basic goods.

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Location: Kitale, Kenya

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