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Hill Tribe Girls Accepted at College, Now We Need to Fund Them

I received a payout of €1,950.00

E. Schecter
E. Schecter wrote on 05-03-2019

 These funds will be used to send disadvantaged girls to high school and college/university. We now have twelve (12) girls in college and it will be some time before any of them graduate and are settled in jobs that will enable them to pay back the cost of university and help additional girls. The girls are studying environmental sciences, social work, public administration, and tourism. These are all fields that have job openings. We need to get them through school and help them find jobs. Warm Heart has been in operation for 10 years and the Children's Home has been open for 8 years. Our students are staying in school and graduating from 6th, 9th grades (costs go up each year, so the drop-out rate is highest after 6th and 9th grades) and now 12th grade. Without a high school education, the students will be limited to day-labor jobs. High school will get them some clerk positions, but they need higher education to have careers and compete in a competitive economy. 

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