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Hill Tribe Girls Accepted at College, Now We Need to Fund Them

A project from Warm Heart Worldwide, Inc.
in Phrao, Thailand

Fund College for Hill tribe children. Poverty in Northern Thailand. Anti-trafficking. Education. Empower women.

E. Schecter
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About this project

Despite COVID closures, the schools in Thailand have stayed open with a combination of online and in-person classes. With this project, we need to fund higher education for girls that come from remote mountain villages.  They studied hard and were accepted at high school and university.  These funds close the gap after scholarships and loans and part-time jobs.  

Warm Heart's Children's Home has been in operation for over twelve years, going from 5 children the first year, to 40 living in our housing and another 30 supported at nearby schools. These are all children from remote ethnic minority hill tribe villages that start school behind their Thai peers. We provide a safe, extended family atmosphere and daily tutoring to help them learn Thai and catch up on all their other subjects. 

Drop-out rates are high after grades 6 and grade 9 when government subsidies for uniforms, meals, and school fees are reduced.  These young women made it through to enter high school and university.  They will be among the first in their families to attend higher education and break the cycle of poverty of their parents, farmers in the mountains.   At university, our students are studying Nursing, Languages, Science Education, Environmental Sciences, Public Administration, Law, and Fisheries. Our high school girls are accepted into three tracks - Math and Science, Languages or Accounting.

Our first college graduate graduated in Public Policy at Chiang Mai Rajabhat University and is working while studying for the civil service exam.  Another graduated with a degree in social work from Thammasat University in Bangkok and has been working with an established NGO in Chiang Mai and more recently, in Bangkok. Others studied languages and the tourist industry at Chiang Mai Rajabhat University and graduated into the COVID 19 lockdown in June.  They have dreams of traveling someday, but for now are grateful for jobs in insurance, retail, and at restaurants and hostels in Chiang Mai.   

They all come back on school breaks to encourage other students and help their communities.  Please help us build a fund to get them through high school and university so they can give back to Warm Heart and the next generations.

Thank you!

This project is supported by the Maecenata Foundation, Munich/Berlin: