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Closed Support theatre projects for children and youths in Brazil!

Belém, Brazil

Closed Support theatre projects for children and youths in Brazil!

Belém, Brazil

This fundraising campaign seeks to enable Brazilian drama and theatre educators from ABRA to carry out their projects and free them from their debts, so that theatre projects for children and youths in (northern) Brazil can continue.

Mariel R. from Kreidekreis e.V. | 
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About this project

In July 2010 Brazilian dramaeducators and dramateachers from the Brazilian Network of Arteducators (ABRA) have organized an outstanding conference in northern Brazil, in the midst of the Amazon, with 1500 participants from all over the world!

The International Drama/Theatre and Education Association (IDEA) has been holding these conferences every three years since 1992. In 2010 dance and theatre performance groups from all over the world came together in Brazil. The program of the one-week long conference included various workshops, presentations, discussion-groups, speeches and performances. Dance and theatre projects from the Brazilian rainforest took part, just like delegations from all continents, e.g. Kenyan, Korean, Australian and German delegations.
The world congress in Belém 2010 was a great success for the international community and for anyone, who works in drama education and theatre education.

Despite the achievements of the conference, there is a downside. Initially, the Brazilian Government had pledged to financially support the project, but only kept part of its promise. Due to the irresponsible and corrupt behaviour of the Brazilian Government, the organizers of the conference –drama and theatre-teachers from ABRA – are now stuck with the debts. The organizers still owe money to their co-organizers and staff members, which they are unable to pay. Members of ABRA do not only suffer mentally, but their various projects cannot be implemented until they are free from their debts.
Thus the work on drama education is basically on hold in northern Brazil!

Until now ABRA, IDEA and their supporters have tried to find solutions on various (political) levels – without success. Now, German theatre and drama associations want to help their Brazilian colleagues. We call on you to support them to pay off their debts and become capable of working again!
Our goal is to fundraise 50.000 Euro – this we can only accomplish together!

The Schultheater-Studio Frankfurt organises and monitors the fundraising-project. The launch of the project is accompanied by a generous donation by the Schultheater-Studio of 1.000 Euro. Whenever 9.000 Euro are donated, the Schultheater-Studio pitches in another 1.000 Euro! Every donation is thus additionally rewarded.

BVTS - Bundesverband Theater in Schulen e.V. – German National Association for theatre/drama in schools.
BUT - Bundesverband Theaterpädagogik e.V., - German National Association for theatre-paedagogy.
Kreidekreis e.V. – Lokal association for theatre in schools and for Schultheater-Studio, Frankfurt/M, Germany.
IDEA - International Drama/Theatrea and Education Association.
Updated at 18. March 2020

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