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Closed Support the Development of Kasavai in Kenya!

A project from Kasavai Community Development Initiative (KCDI)
in Kasavai, Kenya

KCDI implements projects in the field of agriculture, education and health and needs your help.

Franziska K.
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Kasavai is a small village in Western Kenya, that is characterized through persistent poverty structures. The main source of income for the people in the village is subsistent agriculture, which does not allow the satisfaction of important basic needs. The infrastructure and future perspectives for development are missing. That is the reason why Kasavai Community Development Initiative (KCDI) is active in Kasavai since 2011. It comprises of different self-help groups and implements projects in the fields of agriculture, education and health. In 2013, KCDI could finish the construction of the Kasavai Primary School, which since then educates around 300 students. The school is one of the best performing pimary schools in Kakamega District und provides young villagers with new perspectives for their future. In Addition an adult education programme was developped, that shall increase the literacy rates among women and provide them with the possibility to get a high school degree and go for vocational training. For youth groups various volunteers organized computer trainings, which shall build the foundation for the planned Community Resource Center, where computer courses for the whole village and other skill development programmes shall be offered in the near future. Finally KCDI could implement a farming project, a mobile eye and health clinic as well as various workshops e.g. on reproductive health. KCDI puts continuous efforts in the identification of the root causes of the problems of the villagers by employing volunteers that research e.g. on the status of poverty or the government irrigation system and attempts to provide innovative solutions.
Beyond those holistic approaches, KCDI also supports individual talents in the village. In the last three years 8 students were provided with the possibility to attend secondary schools, colleges or schools for children with special needs.
KCDI develops a lot of innovative ideas, but often fails in the implementation due to the lack of financial resources. Hence, they need your support! Help KCDI to implement more projects that contribute to the development of the Kasavai village.