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Closed Help establish the first career helpdesk in Namibia

A project from Welwitschia - Bildungsinitiative für Namibia e.V.
in Windhoek, Namibia

Welwitschia - Education Initiative for Namibia employs an educational advisor for their office in Windhoek, Namibia to establish the first career helpdesk in the country so that all Namibians have equal chances to have access to information material.

Philipp W.
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About this project

Welwitschia — Education Initiative for Namibia is an initiative with the aim to improve the education situation in Namibia.
In September 2013 we have founded NamCareerService by, a Facebook-based platform for young Namibians where we publish offers for bursaries and internships as many learners are not aware of educational and vocational opportunities after school.
This platform with almost 6000 followers is the biggest of its kind in Namibia. Our goal is to give all Namibians equal chances to have access to information material, independently of their income.
Since March 2014 we are officially registered in Namibia and have our own board that organises activities in Namibia.

Since August 2014 we have our own office in Windhoek where we give young Namibians the opportunity to inform themselves of various education and career opportunities free of charge. We will provide them with information material and check their application documents. For this occassion, we employed an educational advisor who will be available in the office for 20 hours per week. His main tasks are researching for scholarships for our NamCareerService platform, the check CVs and cover letters, creation of information material, organisation of application workshops all around the country and to contact companies and organisations in order to cooperate with them.
With this office we help make possible that young Namibians with a poor financial background have access to information. We offer all our services free of charge. Additionally, we offer application workshops all around the country to give people in the rural areas the opportunity to improve their application documents.

Thanks to a donation we have the full amount for one year office rent already and could buy a computer, desk and printer. However, we still need some things:
The education advisor will be paid with 25€ for 20 hours per week. This is not much money but it is more than in other comparable jobs in Namibia.
Furthermore, we need a table with at least four chairs in order to welcome a group guests as well.
For more application workshops, we need 50€ for each of them.

+++ Namibian bank details on request: (we can only add one bank account on betterplace) +++