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An aid project by “Save the Children” (Lena P.) in diverse, Afghanistan

Lena P. (Project Manager)

Lena P.
Five million of Afghanistan’s 6 million children have limited education opportunities. The curriculum in most State schools is often more than 30 years outdated, dating back to when Afghanistan was a monarchy. Furthermore, one third of the education material are provided by non-government organizations or religious organizations, and do not fall within the overarching state education plan.

In most cases the children are learning from text books that were written for adult education. Therefore many children have little fun in learning to read, and often do not understand the content.

With only Euro 1000, Save the Children can equip 27 schools, 22 state schools and 105 local schools, with “children friendly” books. Each of the 31 boxes needed cost Euro 33. This is a small investment with a huge impact in the lives of the children who will finally have the opportunity to enjoy reading and learning from books that were written to meet their needs.

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Location: diverse, Afghanistan

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