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Closed Community & Education Centre for Tirmasahun, India

United for Hope is an NGO committed to the empowerment of the poor and marginalized in rural India by providing clean water, toilets, education and renewable energy for a dignified life.

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Our sanitation and energy projects are well under way, and our ongoing campaigns have raised awareness around education, hygiene, women’s empowerment and much more, resulting in significant behavioural changes. Now we have taken the decisive step to structure our work to achieve long lasting and effective results.

To do this, we are constructing a Community & Education Centre for our pilot community, Tirmasahun, a village of 2500 people in one of India's most under-developed districts - Kushinagar District, Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Our work is progressing fast! We purchased land (500m²) with our own personal savings, and recently finished phase I of the construction, which includes two classrooms and a toilet and shower area. We are currently preparing and fundraising for phase II to add a computer lab and citizen’s advice office, as well as a small kitchen and reception area. We have also finished our “water house”, which serves as a distribution point for clean water to the villagers of Tirmasahun and makes the Community Centre independent in terms of clean water.

Education is the key to development and current facilities for children are desperately inadequate. Education for adults is non-existent and around half of the villagers, the majority of them women, can’t read or write with many of those above 40 never having attended school.

We will offer the following programs:

* After school tuition program 
* English & computer lessons for children 
* Women’s health, hygiene & empowerment classes 
* Drop in centre for government related issues and programs 
* Community meeting point (for topics relating to community development) 
* Teacher training programs 
* Various adult trainings (literacy and vocational) 

Expected Outcome of project 

* Increased education levels of children 
* Increased awareness and access to government assistance 
* Increased confidence of women 
* Increased health of & children
* Increased rates of adult literacy & employability
* Increased quality of teaching in schools 
* Established centre for United for Hope work with the possibility to house volunteers / employees

In addition the centre will also act as the heart of our work including community events, citizen's advice centre, health clinics and much more.

Our deep water well on site provides clean water and we will be independent from the unreliable electricity grid via our own solar-powered energy system.

We hope you can help us bring hope to the people of Tirmasahun and beyond.

Thank you very much for all your support. The United for Hope Team.

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