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A project from Verein der Freunde Togos e.V.
in Gléi, Togo

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Colin N.
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The common idea of an orphanage!

The idea to build a home for orphans and children living on the street has been in Mr. Sani’s head for a long time. The volunteers that spent the year 2013/14 in Togo have been very supportive regarding this aspect. When Colin visited Togo in February 2014, they all came together with their notions and made their dream happen.

We are convinced that our home will offer the children the possibility of a self-determined and self dependent future. This will be ensured by a well organised daily routines and, even more important, the obligatory school attendance.

We picked the village Gléi very consciously.There are multiple schools that the kids can attend which are very close to the premises. In addition to that, the earth is very fertile and suitable for the cultivation of manioc, corn, beans and tomatoes. Consequently, the children, supported by caring adults, will learn useful skills and at the same time generate a part of their daily food themselves.