Funded A School for Children in the Himalaya

An aid project by “Freundeskreis Tara for Children e.V.” (K. Poggendorf-Kakar) in Leh, India

K. Poggendorf-Kakar (Project Manager)

K. Poggendorf-Kakar
The Buddhist monk Geshe Lobsang Samten were entrusted by the Dalai Lama with the task of building a boarding school in order to help some of the poorest families to escape the vicious cycle of poverty . The Jamyang School is a secular school with the aim of offering free education as well as guiding children in ethically and environmentally friendly behavior. For the Jamyang School it is important that half their students are girls. All admitted children come from the poorest families of the villages with predominantly difficult family backgrounds: families that are broken due to divorce or death of one or both parents, and children who faced child labor in the city or road construction since their parents neither possess land nor have a job to feed them. The Freundeskreis Tara for Children e.V. supports the Jamyang School, for example by finding donors paying fort he annual costs to educate one child. We also support other activities, such as building a library fort he children, constructing a playground and a kitchen garden.
The Jamyang School aims to become a model in its region for ecological sustainability. Ladakh, with its intense sunlight all year around, is an ideal target for solar energy techniques to transfrom sunlight into heating. The construction of the first buildings have followed a range of ecological considerations.
Local building material, wherever possible, was used and a black glass facade was installed to absorb the sunlight for passive heating. Solar heating for obtaining warm water has been financed by our partner organization Tara Trust (India). The Jamyang School project is run by two dedicated monks and a carefully chosen team of teachers and helpers.

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