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An aid project by “The Global Exchange for Social Investment - GEXSI” (A. Renner) in London, UK

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A. Renner (Project Manager)

A. Renner
Social entrepreneurs provide access to basic goods and services such as water, electricity, communication or healthcare in poor regions around the world. They improve the lives of millions of economically deprived people by creating employment and income-earning opportunities.
Initially, social enterprises often depend on grants. To move towards self-reliance, many need start-up support – access to expertise, markets and finance. Many evolving social enterprises experience a financing gap: their financial needs exceed microcredit capacities, but do not reach the levels of commercial financing.

In addition to identifying suitable sources of finance (and this often even more important than finance itself) we provide social entrepreneurs with technical expertise in business planning and investment structure, we locate different sources of co-financing that meets the needs of the enterprise in accordance with its business development stage – arranging for below-market or full-fledged commercial investments; finally, we facilitate networking, mentorship and exchanges of information and expertise.

Our organization, GEXSI - The Global Exchange for Social Investment, is an international charitable organization which supports social entrepreneurs in low-income regions worldwide. We operate wordwide from a European base with offices in London and Berlin.

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Location: London, UK

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