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Creating a new place to thing and transform Society

Students of the Cusanus Hochschule organize a solidarity based finance form to study Economics and Philosophy in a pluralist, critical and engaged fashion.

Florian R. from Cusanus Studierendengemeinschaft e.V.Write a message

Thoughts determine our actions, consciously or not.

We, the Cusanus Student Body Association ®, are looking for people to give us space for reflexsive thoughts!
We pick up pressing questions about our economic and social system, together with our professors and you we suceeded to found and get certificated the Cusanus Hochschule and therby a new place for learning.
We think education is common property which only be promulgated if we share experiences, visions, and rich resources of knowledge. This method of self-education is what we bring to life through the university’s special master programs i.e. Economics M.A. and Philosophy M.A.

Learning means asking.
Certainly, we pursue the main questions across all disciplines such as which ideas form the culture-historical basis of our society, what concept of the human being and the world do we unknowingly utilize when we act ‘economically,’ and how do we combine economical and ethical values?
Each person brings his own topic to research.
For example, Marius is involved in the Degrowth movement and wants to ascertain whether its participants share certain fundamental values in their visions of a post-growth society. Julia has written a fictional novel based on a futuristic social-ecological society and is currently developing a corresponding simulation game. Florian asks, “What does it mean when economic success is measured (only) in numbers and society conforms to this standard?” Mira researches the power of negative market constraints and the possibilities of overcoming them by using the example of an ecological building material company. Lastly, Silke hunts for “patterns” which enable so-called commons practices to function beyond market and state.

Help us build our scholarship fund!
The Cusanus Hochschule gained governmental approval this May. Having a non-profit trust fund, the University is financed by a capital company that solely holds the university’s rights in trust which means no personal interests are involved or expectations of a return of investment exist.
We want all students to be eligible for this position regardless of financial background. The Betterplace-Campaign is intended to primarily finance partial scholarships thus establishing a solidary trust for tuition fees and scholarships that cover living expenses.
The scholarship allocation will be organized by a board consisting of members of the student body association and Cusanus University. Become a part of the community. No matter the size of your donation, your recommendation or critiques will help us out!
Our future needs people who ask though-provoking questions about living a new way.
Let us GIVE THOUGHT together!