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Junior Professorship for burning questions of North East Africa

A project from DeutschÄthiopischeStiftung
in Hamburg, Germany

North East Africans are fleeing. We are changing Africa ... along with leading executives who want democracy, business and education. Education creates a better life, and so a Junior Professorship – we’re asking you for support.

S. Uhlig
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About this project

Countless thousands are fleeing across the sea in clapped-out boats, many from North East Africa. Then what? They have to go back, but with what prospects? Those who make it through often struggle through an inhumane existence ... and the solution for the future? Either for Africans or for us?

We support people who are changing Africa. So, there’s a need for qualified executives in business and scientific fields who can offer more than refugee aid and disaster relief, more than grain handouts and spades ... to bring together democracy and business, trade and finance, development and human rights, to improve the politics of health and social structures. Without a change in the situation of business and society and the implementation of basic and radical changes in the training of leading figures, in 20 years North East Africa will yet again suffer from famine – a generation without prospects. We are however changing that thanks to cooperation with internationally acknowledged academics.

Above all, university education brings improvements in living conditions. That is why we are together creating a Junior Professorship with the support of academics, business representatives and private sponsors. We are well on the way to that end and have put finance aside as the German-Ethiopian Foundation (DeutschÄthiopischeStiftung). Foundations, private individuals and representatives of industry are sponsoring us. But we are not quite there yet, even though we have already got part of the capital together.

Any amount that you can afford is a real help, so we’ll be able to achieve the goal of this unique campaign.

Let us together use this chance for change which is totally realistic. “I am pleased at the initiative ... to establish an endowed professorship. Africa is changing much more quickly than our perception of it. A professorship in contemporary issues of the Horn of Africa offers [a] chance. I wish the Foundation many sponsors” [Former Bundespräsident Professor Köhler]. The young people of Africa thank you.

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