Funded Rebuilding shelters after Sumatra earthquakes

An aid project by “Habitat for Humanity Deutschland e.V. ” (C. Michalski) in Sumatra, Indonesia

C. Michalski (Project Manager)

C. Michalski
Clearances and rescue works are still in full progress after the Indonesian island Sumatra had been hit by two earthquakes on Wednesday and Thursday (30.09./01.10.). Especially the capital of West Sumatra, Padang, has suffered major destruction. 500 houses have been completely destroyed, 1100 deaths have been estimated by the UN.

Habitat for Humanity already plans on rebuilding homes in the affected regions. 2500 dwellings will be rebuild in West Sumatra, along with additional 1000 dwellings in West Java, which had also been struck by an earthquake in the beginning of September. Massive landslides had been a result, causing a high number of deaths.

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Location: Sumatra, Indonesia

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