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Compost heat for monastery at Himalaya

A project from Native Power eV
in Arunachal Pradesh, India

compost heat, and 4 more methedologies will provide Tibetean monestery with hot water and smokeless cooking facilities. A biogas plant is set up as well. Native Power is a German non profit organisation to provide sustainable energy.

H. Cuhls
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Health improvement, degrading ruthless wood exploitation and planned soil development are the targets.
All that will be done by using local materials and labour. Truly “help to help them selves"


The Tibetan Buddhist monastery Geyje Norling at an altitude of 1.500m is located at the Indian Himalaya. The monastery is not only conducting religious work it is also the provider of mobile health work as well providing hospital and school environment.
Open fireplaces and intensive smoke are the cause of sever lounge problems of mother and child. Long meditation at stone floors is causing gout, rheumatism and pelvic complains.

Native Power is providing 5 methods to harvest heat to avoid illnes as well humus to gain soil structure for the region.

This project is in conjunction with a religious festival conducted in November with over 3000 participants. Related to this event the methods will be introduced to the public and official government participants.

The 5 methods are easy to learn:
The compost heat pile delivers +70 degree, set up with wooden green cut and chicken manure. The head will be used for drinking water and floor heating.
The small biogas digester will deliver gas for a generator to provide constant light and cooking.
The wood gasifier only uses 1kg wood instant of 5kg wood for an open fireplace with no smoke.
The cooking box is well insulated and will finish cooking within some hours of short boiled meals placed into the box.
The compost tea treatment extends the humus from the compost heap and biogas digester to fertilize large fields.

The workshop to build the compost heat system is done in 2 days and after 5 days the hot water is available. The biogas plant is built within 2 days and 20 days later the first gas can be used.
The wood gasifier oven is built within one day and can be used immediately. Also the cooking box can be used within one day. The team is able to transfer the knowledge in the given time.
The project is documented by a professional film team to capture the building methodology’s to be distributed among other farm people. Without a film document a reliable education is not secured.
Project without film documentation are only from local value, we distribute CDS to visualize the methodologies. Films will be available in German, Englisch Tibetan.
For a pictured user manual we need help of a profesional (cartoon) artist.


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