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Funded Improving the water supply for nomadic families - exploration

A project from Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V.
in Tafraout Tal, Morocco

semi-nomadic way of life. water supply. Marocco. wells. Tafraout, lack of water, encountering the aquifer, develop sustainable water supply, transfer of knowledge, efficient use, Falladsche, groundwater dams, sand storage dams,fog collectors,cisterns

J. Geffers
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About this project

There are about 30 families living in a traditional semi-nomadic way of life along a former river course in the valley of Tafraout (south-east Morocco). Their residential area extends over 30 km, where they raise cattle and practice agriculture.

Currently there are about 40 wells that are between 20 and 60 meters deep. According to the residents, the water now flows in an underground river. Previously, there should still have been water flowing above ground. Due to the lack of water, individual families have already moved away, others are also considering to leave the valley. In order to deepen the well, you have to drill through some very hard rock strata and encountering the aquifer is not guaranteed.

Ingenieure ohne Grenzen eV was asked to provide technical support to ensure the water supply to the nomadic families. The overall project goal is to develop a sustainable water supply, which allows families to maintain their semi-nomadic lifestyle. In addition, the transfer of knowledge to the local population considering various possibilities of water production and efficient use, as well as the technical implementation under local conditions is a central target.

As a first step Ingenieure ohne Grenzen eV carry out a journey of exploration. Here, the feasibility of various technologies for water extraction, and the improvement of the situation by non-technical solutions will be examined. In addition, the efficiency of water use is explored locally and coordinated in cooperation with the local population. In addition, the personal contact with the local project partners should be deepened.

As part of the technical solutions the applicability of five technologies for sustainable water supply that can be used individually or in combination will be investigated during the exploration: groundwater wells, Falladsche, groundwater dams and sand storage dams, fog collectors and cisterns.

In cooperation with the association founded by the nomadic families, 'Akbar Association for Development and Sustainable Culture', the conditions for improving the water supply will be explored locally.