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Media Workshop Landsberg

Landsberg am Lech, Germany

«DieKunstBauStelle" gives young people from Landsberg media literacy in an artistic and self-determined form. They learn to present their and the stories and the other in interviews, videos, photos or texts.

W. Hauck from dieKunstBauStelle e.V.
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«DieKunstBauStelle» 2014-2015 will perform more than 12 projects and measures of cultural youth education.

These projects typically last 1-2 weeks. It 10-20 young people aged 14 to 18 years old can participate.

It is important to:
There are extracurricular offers, voluntarily and free of charge for young people.

This is only possible because some of the costs for personnel and material partly financed by public funds, such as the Federal Ministry of Education with "culture makes strong" or "Arts, mean the world" to the network city culture.

Our club, so we take over to the organization and management. Then we take care of rooms, equipment, transportation and supervision.

They give cultural knowledge, experience, artistic vision and ways of working. This is the perception of resumes and biographies, as for intrinsically alien and convey, in good and in bad times, everyone experiences that.

For example, some research with the project "Türkenmariandl» young the migration history of the present (foreign restaurateurs in Landsberg). Create itineraries, posters, and reports. The past is displaced Turks am Ammersee after the Turkish wars research the untold story. We are in the writing and photo workshops, schools dealing with film, camera and computer. Journalists accompany the youth during the interviews. Photographers help with shots and graphic help young people to develop a number of exhibitions and present it to

For these projects, we still need the technical equipment. These are at the moment and laptop computers to work together with these groups. Also the corresponding programs.

The young people we want to open a world in which they can deal artistic, responsible and self-determined with the media and technology. The future visitors of the exhibition we hope to give a fascinating insight into our daily lives.

For this, we ask for a support for these purchases.
Any amount is welcome, because it is always a recognition of our services and projects.

NEW PROJECTS 2020/2021 Future Flashback, LandsbergHistoryApp and Kultainer

We have three new projects, such as the possibility of developing four containers as mobile cultural stations with the support of the "DSEE". 

For this we have to contribute the costs for the expansion and our own financial contribution. For this we ask for support. 

I know these KULTAINERS (culture and containers) from work and refugee camps in Turkey and Afghanistan. 

In our district we would like to use modern media technology in the villages as a socio-cultural project to tell, preserve and remember the stories and histories together with the population in various formats.

Thank you so much!

Wolfgang Hauck
Chairman dieKunstBauStelle e.V.