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Network Integrated Residential (NIWo e.V.)

A project from Netzwerk Integriertes Wohnen e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

Independent living in the security of a community. Assisted living for people with life-limiting illnesses. Our project is intended as an alternative to living alone, to nursing home and residential community.

N. Jaekel
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About this project

Seriously ill people enter into society little in appearance, the contact with them sometimes calls rejection, helplessness, and their own anxieties. In addition, more and more people live in cities as a single. Support and care by family thus is often not possible. New forms of living here can afford to spare and provide a dignified end of life in their own homes.

That is why we have created housing for seriously ill people. The residents here are to live independently and integrate into the community.

Being embedded in a network of volunteers and professional guidance and neighborly proximity to various cultural activities to promote contact with the outside world.

We see ourselves as part of a movement that developed alternative to nursing home or family care and the principle of "outpatient before inpatient" committed.