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Education Matters

A project from Education Matters e.V.
in Kampala, Uganda

education matters

M. Ballandies
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About this project

We try to help disadvantaged children, teenagers and young adults in East Africa. Every human being of every ethnic group, religion, or gender should have the possibility to go to school. Depending on their skills and interests we want to support these children and show them new perspectives for their future. We do not only focus on their education in school, but also try to further their academic career.

Especially social and cultural subjects are important to us, because they often come up short in regular school. Young people should be made aware of topics and problems directly or indirectly related to them. Therefore we try to bring up self-confident students who's character can grow in the future.

Furthermore we not only want to strengthen the relationship between nations in Africa, but also their relationship with Europe and other countries in the world.