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Closed In memory of the victims of „Agenda 2010“

Berlin, Germany

The initiative "In memory of the victims of the Agenda 2010" is aimed primarily against the inhuman Hartz IV legislation and the barbarian financial sanction contained therein practices.

M. Fielsch from HARTZ IV Betroffene e.V. | 
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About this project

The Agenda 2010, intended povery and disfranchisement resulting in `Hartz-lV-legislation concerns to all of us, directly or undirectly.

We demand to abolish the unconstitutional sanctions (§31 and §32 SGBll) which violate human rights.

The Agenda 2010 especially Hartz-lV concerns not only to 10 million victims. With strong pressure on employment and pay it destructs all people.

Unemployed will be forced in precarious employment and useless traings by threat of destruction of existence. Poorly pay increase. Uncertain jobs on temporay basis replace wellpaid work.

Politically intended expansion of the low pay sector will be exportet to the rest of europe. Germany is forcing nations like Portugal, Spain or Greece to salery retention. Germany
recommends the export model Hartz lV to whole Europe.

We want to abolish Hartz-lV („modern type of service at the labour market“)

We demand a right to basic income without conditions!
Updated at 18. September 2020