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Education Scholarship Program - Schoolfees for Orphans and poor children

A project from Shisásáy - Aktiv in Kamerun
in Kumbo, Cameroon

Schoolfees and equipment are paid for orphans and vulnerable children in Cameroon to overcome poverty and give the youngsters a perspective for a better life.

M. Wohlfahrt
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About this project

The aim of the project is to give orphans and half-orphans the possibility to attend school. Not only school fees are paid but also necessary books and exam fees are sponsored by donors.
With AIDS and malaria, the general poor medical care and the obvious poverty, a growing number of children loose relatives. The dead of one or both parents often means a loss of salary and other vital resources. In this situation ensuring that food is growing is a priority before school attendance.
The children loose the chance to graduate and finish their education, as well as a means to gain regular income. To overcome this vicious circle of poverty, the program makes an effort to put the orphans back to school. It is amazing to see with how little resources we can change the life perspective of a person.
One year nursery school costs 17 €, the primary school is from 10 to 20 €, and the secondary school fee from 30 to 50 €, depending on the institution. For us, these amounts may seem like small things, but when you consider that the average salary of an ordinary employee is still not even 25 € a month, then it is evident that for a single mother with 7 children these amounts are considerable.
You have the power to change the situation for a youngster. Send a child to school and give him/her a perspective for a better life without poverty!
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