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Closed Charity Travel

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Charity Travel is a large adventurous journey around the world, combining exciting traveling with supporting small scale charity projects, intended to inspire other (young) travelers to follow the example. Charity Travel wants to show that it is possible to bypass large bureaucracies and work with small charities that really need help independently. That of course doesn't rule out the possibity of cooperation with larger organizations. But the emphasis lies on helping independently in order to proof that charity can be exciting, cool, and effective at the same time.

I will use It offers reliable contacts to people who are often involved in charity themselves or know how to get to those trustworthy orphanages, streetkids' projects, ecological farms, disease prevention projects, charity hospitals we intend. So it is possible to establish contacts to locals who are close to small-scale charity programs in their own countries! It is a fact that has excited me. I will publish a list of the countries on this blog where I have already established contacts as I move on. My itinerary will be the connecting line between all those places.

In times of all-encompassing economic and touristic globalization I think it becomes important - and possible - for so-called first-world citizens to experience the real world beyond what they see on television. The main goal of Charity Travel is to catch attention for this kind of independent developmental aid that can be organized to a large extend using the internet.

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