Funded Medical Assistance

An aid project by M. AMION in MANILA, Philippines

M. AMION (Project Manager)

I am Michelle Amion a mother of three boys Kyle Christian-4 years old,Ken Ivan-2 years old and Kian Cristopher-2 Months and 13 days.I had a time giving birth to my youngest son which prompted the midwife to bring me to the hospital.Ispent P30,000 (517 Euros) for the hospital bills which was partially covered by my maternity benefit
A month after, I rushed my youngest son Kian Cristopher to the hospital for he cannot breathe and turned blue with very high fever. He was confined for a total of 26 days and stayed in the ICU for more than 10 days for severe pneumonia. I had to ask the help of different government institution borrowed money from friends and relatives and ask the company I am working for to issue a guarrantee note in order for us to be discharge from the hospital otherwise the bill will get bigger. The hospital bill cost (P148,00.00 about Euros 2,551)
I would like to seek the assistance of donors from for the payment of debts.
Mymonthly income does not suffice to cover the debts incurred during hospitalization and the medicine maintenance of my child
I would be needing 800 Euros for payment of remaining debts because of hospitalization and 300 Euros for the maintenance (vaccination,vitamins,nebulization) until his condition becomes stable.

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Location: MANILA, Philippines

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