Morning Star Children Centre

An aid project by Andreas R. in Mombasa, Bombolulu village, Kenya

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Andreas R. (Project Manager)

Andreas R.
The Morning Star Children Centre is a school in the village Bombolulu, near Mombasa (Kenya). All in all there are five schools, ChildrenCentres and primary Schools. About 5000 adults live in the Village.The number of Children in the Village is much higher and not determined. Only a few of them have the opportunity to visit school regulary.

I was very happy to visit this school twice, to meet the children, the local teachers and the helpers and supporters of this little island of education. These people have a vision and do their job with heart and soul.

The school is in need of certain things, schooldesks and chairs for the children, schoolbooks, etc... "Actually there are so many things needed for the school apart from the desks, because we need to construct more classrooms to accommodate more children in future and also construct more dormitories for the orphan children to sleep in, those are the major ones. Others are the normal things like the text books, blackboards and cooking utensils for the Orphans, which I will give you the details after sitting for the next general meeting on 27th September 2009" (extract from an email of Mr. E.Oginga., )

All these children need a good education and baseknowledge, especially in their early years, to devolp a strong personality and to know what's right and wrong for their further life.

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Location: Mombasa, Bombolulu village, Kenya

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