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Alumni give back: one scholarship for the Verband

Hamburg, Germany

Fundraising campaign for student exchange program of the Verband / the Federation.

Anja S. from VDAC Alumni e.V.
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The student exchange of the Federation of German-American Clubs if funded primarliy by private donations and proceeds from fundraising events at the club level. Scores of dedicated volunteers give countless hours each year to organize and support the program that has been running successfully for over 55 years.

The Federation's alumni association, the VDAC Alumni Club, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. We think this is an excellent reason to run a little fundraising campaign of our own and raise 7000 EUR to support the Verband with one full scholarship!

We had a great time on the program. So should future exchange students.
This is an opportunity to give back!

The VDAC Alumni will present the alumni gift at the anniversary celebration in Hamburg on September 6, 2014. Thanks for participating!

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