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School Projects in Welkite /Ethiopia (East Africa)

A project from Bessere Zukunft e.V.
in Welkite, Ethiopia

With this project our non-profit organization supports elementary- schools near Welkite. At this schools there is a lack of fundamental supply with water, toilets, electricity and educational materials.

J. Wartenberg
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With this project our non-profit association supports primary schools near Welkite. Welkite lies approx. 180 km southwest of Addis Ababa. In January 2008 we visited the first primary school in the village of Geraba for the first time. 

At this school there was neither water, electricity nor sufficient, reasonable toilets and hardly any books from which the children could learn. In May 2010, we went to other elementary schools in the area and saw frightening conditions in which the children have to learn. Due to the lack of school equipment, e.g. school books, work materials and equipment (see photos), adequate school education is not possible. The classrooms do not have enough seats for about  80 children per class. Often 4 to 5 children have to share a school desk or some  school children   even have to sit on the floor. 
Most school children have to walk  daily from 45 minutes to 1 hour to get to school. Nevertheless, these children go to school motivated. But unfortunately, most children are often unable to attend school on all five days of the week because they have to contribute to their families' livelihoods. Children are also an important labour force in Ethiopia, which has to support the families.
There is simply a lack of the most basic things to enable these children to receive an equal and just education.
With your support we want to give the children a better future.