School Projects in Welkite /Ethiopia (East Africa)

An aid project by “Bessere Zukunft e.V.” (J. Wartenberg) in Welkite, Ethiopia

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J. Wartenberg (Project Manager)

J. Wartenberg
With this project our non-profit organization supports elementary schools near Welkite. Welkite is 180 km southwest from the capital city Addis Ababa located. In January 2008 we visited the first elementary school in the village Geraba the first time.
At this school there is a lack of fundamental supply with water, toilets and electricity. Also there are rarely educational books from which the students can learn. In May 2010 we visited another nearby elementary school, where we discovered alarming learning conditions. Because there are barely any educational books, school materials and furniture at the schools (see photos), sufficient school education isn’t possible. At the second school neither a library nor books are available. The classrooms have not enough room and benches to sit for the 80 children per grade. Often four to five children have to share a seating bench or they must sit on the floor.

Most of the children have to walk 45 minutes to one hour to get to school. Nevertheless the children motivatedly attend the lessons. Unfortunately, most of the children cannot show up five days a week in their class, because they have to work for living. Children in Ethiopia are important workforces who have to help nourish their families.

These schools lack the basic necessities for an equal and fair education of the children. With your support we want to enable the children of this elementary school to get an education of equal opportunities.

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