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Funded Illiterate rural women becoming solar engineers

YouTube Movie about the whole Barefoot College App

A. Domscheit-Berg
A. Domscheit-Berg wrote on 13-09-2009

This movie shows how the Barefoot College developed, what its main principles are, how it has been replicated in India and African states. Its telling a compelling story about the importance of practical skills and wisdom in poor rural areas, in order to empower communities and help them become independent and florish. It also shows how children are offered night schools when they have to work during the day, how women are trained for all sorts of professions.

The speaker is Bunker Roy, the inspiring man I met and who won me over to join the cause for the Barefoot College. For me he incorporates a new Mahathma Gandhi, he fully embraces the Gandhi approach, beliefs in simplicity, honesty, integrity and respects the poor and their ample competence.   

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