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Constructing a laboratory for MAVUNO Girls' Model Secondary School

A project from Marafiki wa Afrika - Freunde für Afrika e.V.
in Karagwe District, Chonyonyo village, Tanzania

In 2015 MAVUNO Girls' Model Secondary School will start and therefore also a laboratory should be in place. This laboratory will have departments for chemistry, biology, physics and also soil science.

A. Krause
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About this project

Mavuno NGO is constructing a secondary school in the village of Chonyonyo in Karagwe, Kagera, Tanzania. The school will have its first intake of female secondary level students in 2015. The school will also be used for workshops and seminars for community members.There is plenty of work already done regarding construction of the school.

Please visit the school's website for further information about the school's mission and vision as well as the progress of construction works. You are also welcome to watch our short video giving you some moving impressions about the school project:

With the procedures of starting a school, also a laboratory should be in place. Therefore the building (including finishing) for the laboratories is our next initative. This laboratory will have departments for chemistry, biology, physics and also soil science.

Budgeted amount needed for the construction is sum of nearly 64.000.000 Tanzanian Shilling – equivalent to about 31.700€ Euro. Calculations will cover: substructure and foundation, frame, walls, doors, windows, roof, finishing, decorations, furniture, boards and display. Laboratory‘s equipment will be fund-raised separately.

Detailed information about the calculations are available upon request; please send an email to:


Mavuno is a non-governmental organization established by rural farmers in 1993 and registered under the Ministry of Home Affairs of the United Republic of Tanzania. The organization’s main overall objective is to improve the quality of life in rural areas of Karagwe and Kyerwa district, Tanzania.

The core of Mavuno’s work is to empower rural people by relieving basic needs, providing practical opportunities, and creating sustainable alternatives. The established programs include agriculture extension work, environmental protection, microfinance services, participatory construction of rainwater harvesting tanks for rural families and access to education for disadvantaged children.